Ethical Business Practices

Our Ethical Business Practices

A. Integrity

Honesty and integrity are values that we prioritize in all of our business processes and relations. We always act on the principles of honesty and integrity in our reletionships with employees and all stakeholders.

B. Privacy

Private and confidential information consists of information that may lead to disadvantages for Kuasar Kuyumculuk Yapı San ve Tic Ltd. Şirketi in terms of competition, as well as trade secrets, financial and other types of information which have not been disclosed to the public, information regarding the personal benefitss of employees and information within scope of the “confidentiality agreements” concluded with third parties.

As the employees of Kuasar Kuyumculuk; we take care to protect the privacy and confidential information of our customers and workers, as well as other relevant persons and entities with whom we do business.

C. Our Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we also take care to fullfill the responsibilities for our customers, employees,suppliers, business partners, competitors, the society, humanity and Kuasar, which are listed below.

1. Our Legal Responsibilities

We carry out all our activities and processes in and outside of the country as per laws of the Republic of Turkey and international law; we provide legal regulatory institutions and organizations with accurate, complete and comprehensible information in a timelyl manner. In the course of performing our activities and processes, we maintain a position which is at equal distance to all public institutions and organizations, administrative entities, non-govermental organizations and political parties without expecting any benefits.

2. Our Responsibilities Regarding Human Health

We are performing production in accordance with all International standarts. Our production procedure do not involve any harm to nature.  We manufacture Kurshuni products without using nickel and similar materials that are harmful for health.

3. Our Responsibilities to Our Customers

We do business with a proactive approach which is focused on customer satisfaction and which ensures us to give the best response to the needs and demands of customers in the shortest time possible. We provide our services in a timely manner and under the conditions to which we have committed, and we approach our customers in accordance with the principles of respect, honor, fairness, equality and courtesy.

4. Our Responsibilities to Our Employees

We ensure the personal benefits of employees to be used fully and in correct manner. We approach our employees with integrity and fairness, and we are committed to providing a non-discriminating, safe and healthy environment. We put in the necessary effort for their personal development and respect the balance between work life and private life.

5. Our Responsibilities to Suppliers/Business Partners

We act with a fair and respectful manner as expected from a good customer, and we take care to fullfill our obligations on time. We are meticulous in protecting the confidential information of the persons and entities we work with, as well as our business partners.

6. Moral Responsibilities To  Competitors

We actively compete in legal and ethical areas only, and avoid unfair competition at all times. We support the endeavors for ensuring the intended competitive structure in society.

7. Our Responsibilities to Society and Humanity

Preservation of democracy, human rights and the environment is of great importance to us. In awareness of requirement to be a good citizens, we act with sensitivity in regard to social issues and try to participate in the work of non-governmental organizations, services for public welfare and other appropriate activities. We are also sensitive to the traditions and cultures in Turkey, as well as the other countries we internationally work with.

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