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The brand Kurshuni was brought into existence in 2002 by Elif Esra Kurşunlu and Lokman Kurşunlu.


After working domestic and international markets for many years in architecture and engineering sectors for which they had trained, the Kurşunlus created Kurshuni, their very own brand with a name inspired by the family name.

They also opened the first glass art studio under the same name. The Kurşunlus increased their popularity both in and outside of the country with the awards they received, as well as their exhibitions and sales.

A while after starting to use precious metals and glass in their designs, they ceased using glass as a material and focused on production with silver only. However, they continued to use the small, handmade evil eye bead which has become a brand signature of Kurshuni.

Today, the small evil eye bead they use in fine silver jewelry are still made by hand and continued to be seen as the symbol of Kurshuni.

In 2010, the Kurşunlus decided to introduce the Kurshuni brand to Europe.

By means of regular attendance at prestigious European expos, high sales volumes, PR work and successful agencies, the brand has acquired an impressive position in Europe.

The jewelry produced by Kurshuni has become the choice of men and women who wish to express themselves and their styles with unique jewelry.

Currently, Kurshuni products can be found at 400 points of sale throughout the European region.

These two people, bound to creativity with passion and on the road to making the world an even more beautiful place, design the Kurshuni jewelry which is produced with advance technology and perfect craftsmanship with their own hands, and have these manufactured by a total of 40 exquisite individuals consisting of experts and skillful craftsmen.



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