BL741-1  Square Lifering Bracelet With Natural Black Spinel Stones
58.00 Euro
KR720Z-2  2mm Globe Necklace
65.00 Euro
KR720Z-1  2mm Globe Bracelet
44.00 Euro
KR720Y-2X  2mm Globe Necklace
122.00 Euro
KR718-6  Swarovski Pear Ring
85.00 Euro
KR718-3  Swarovski Pear Earrings
68.00 Euro
KR718-2  Swarovski Pear Necklace
68.00 Euro
KR718-1  Swarovski Pear Bracelet
51.00 Euro
KR717-6  Swarovski Marquise Ring
85.00 Euro
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