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securty For orders above 50€/$, KURSHUNI Nazar Bracelet is a present from us!

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we conduct all our National and International activities and operations within the limits of Turkish Republic regulations and the law of nations. We offer law institutions and foundations accurate, exact and comprehensible information at the right time. We treat all government corporations and establishments, administrative foundations and non-governmental organizations equally. We meet all our obligations with responsibility awareness.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we focus on customer satisfaction. We work with a proactive manner, through which we respond the needs and demands of our customers within the shortest time and in the most correct way. We provide our services at the right time and with the promised conditions.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we are equitable and respectful as expected from a good business partner. We pay attention to meet our obligations on time. We carefully protect secret and private information, which belongs to the partnerships built with individuals and/or companies.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we compete only in the areas that are legal and ethical. We avoid unfair competition. We support works, which serve to maintain a targeted competitive structure for the development of society and the economy.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we provide opportunities for our workers to use their rights accurately and exactly. We behave our workers in equitable and fair attitude. We offer a nondiscriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We make necessary efforts for their development of our workers. We protect the balance between professional life and private life.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we give importance to offer employment opportunities for women. Consequently, we give support to women for having their economic freedom and increasing their life qualities. We support women so that they can contribute to the society they live in.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we give value to human health. We make our products by paying regard to International standards. We produce our jewellery without any nickel and similar materials that are unhealthy and allergen. In our production processes and jewellery, we do not give place for any application and feature, which cause harm to human health.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we give importance to the protection of democracy, human rights and the environment. We act responsibly on social issues. We try to take participation in non-governmental organizations, services for public interest and appropriate social activities. We show respect to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries, with which we make International Business connections.

As KURSHUNI Jewellery, we give importance to sustainability, which is one of the most important issues of today. We are sensitive to use natural resources properly and keeping the environment clean. In our production processes and jewellery, we do not give place for any application and feature, which cause harm to nature.