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Elif Esra Kurşunlu

Lokman Kurşunlu


Elif Esra Kurşunlu, Architect and Lokman Kurşunlu, Engineer have created the KURSHUNI brand in 2002 in Istanbul intending to beautify the World through creativity, which they are passionately attached to. The brand’s name KURSHUNI is inspired by their family name. 

The story of KURSHUNI has begun with Turkey’s first glass art studio belongs to KURSHUNI. The brand has increased its awareness with National and International awards and successful exhibitions over the years. In the beginning, KURSHUNI Jewellery has been designed with precious metals and glass. As the brand evolved over the years, KURSHUNI Jewellery has been designed using only 925 sterling silver mostly with “Excellent Star Cut” Cubic Zirconia stones and turquoise, labradorite, black spinel and amethyst. Today, KURSHUNI is the first and the only brand using 24K pure gold for yellow gold plating and 21K gold for rose gold plating on 925 sterling silver jewellery. The brand has put the signature to its silver jewellery by adding its handcrafted mini glass eye amulets, named KURSHUNI NAZAR


In 2010, KURSHUNI Jewellery has been introduced to Europe by attending regularly the most popular and prestigious fairs of the jewellery sector. The exhibitions open up new horizons to be a global brand. KURSHUNI Jewellery increased sales volume and brand awareness in Europe through modern designs, unique and high quality products, affordable prices, sales and after sales services.


Today KURSHUNI meets with consumers in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania continents; in 38 countries and 358 cities. Our dedicated global customers can reach KURSHUNI Jewellery in nearly 600 sales points in world famous centers such as Paris, Rome, Milan, Athens, Bucharest, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Toronto. KURSHUNI Jewellery has two stores located in Istanbul, at Bağdat Street and EMAAR Mall.

Owners and Exquisite designers Elif Esra Kurşunlu and Lokman Kurşunlu are passionately attached to creativity. They design every jewellery in KURSHUNI collections understanding the needs, dreams and desires of the modern woman. KURSHUNI collections are produced at KURSHUNI facility in İstanbul by combining perfect mastership, excellent handcraftsmanship and advanced technology with the cultural heritage. 

Mini glass eye amulet named KURSHUNI NAZAR as the signature of the brand, is handcrafted since day one.