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securty For orders above 50€/$, KURSHUNI Nazar Bracelet is a present from us!

Handcrafted mini glass eye amulet, named KURSHUNI NAZAR, is the signature of KURSHUNI Brand. 

Evil eye beads are being used for protection against the envious eye. It is being thought that what lies behind the envious eye are the feelings of envy and covet. For thousands of years, the evil eye bead is being used as the collective symbol of different cultures. It is being believed that human eye has the power of releasing invisible rays of energy, which are potent enough to give harm to others. The belief is that a single look can cause great harm is leading civilizations to search for evil eye protection and bringing forward the evil eye bead.

It is being known that the earliest version of the amulet goes back to 3300 B.C. The first amulet has been found in excavations in Mesopotamia. First example of today’s evil eye beads has begun to appear in the Mediterranean Region around 1500’s B.C. It is being thought that glass evil eye beads in the Aegean Islands and Anatolia are the results of glass production development in these areas. It is estimated that the basis of today’s blue evil eye bead is based on the cultures of the Aegean Islands, the Mediterranean Region and Egypt. The evil eye bead has been used by Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. Even though the usage of the evil eye bead has been more concentrated in the Mediterranean region, it has spread to different parts of the world through the increase of trade relations and expansion of empires. In Turkey, it is still a tradition to bring eye amulets to new born babies.