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securty For orders above 50€/$, KURSHUNI Nazar Bracelet is a present from us!

KURSHUNI designs unique silver jewellery in which each piece has a different story by taking its inspiration from the common symbols of humanity. All silver jewellery is produced in KURSHUNI’s production facility. 

KURSHUNI is the World’s best quality silver jewellery brand.

We would like you to know what KURSHUNI offers when you have the perfect jewelleries.

KURSHUNI jewelleries and production period respects the environment and human health. 

KURSHUNI jewelleries are 925K Sterling Silver. They do not contain any materials like nickel and cadmium that harm human health. KURSHUNI jewelleries are anti-allergic. You can use all KURSHUNI jewelleries without having any health issues unless you are specifically allergic to silver or metal.

KURSHUNI uses a plating technique with layers on 925K silver with nanotechnology and offers 4 different color plating options:

  • KURSHUNI yellow gold plated jewelleries are plated with 24K PURE gold.
  • KURSHUNI is the first and the only brand using 24K PURE gold plating in the World.
  • KURSHUNI’s yellow gold plated jewelleries loose the color only due to frictions and being worn out.
  • KURSHUNI rose gold plated jewelleries are plated with 21K gold and are above the World’s standards in terms of quality.
  • KURSHUNI uses excellent quality rhodium plating for its white gold color jewelleries.
  • KURSHUNI uses black rhodium plating for the black color jewelleries.

KURSHUNI uses “Excellence Star Cut” cubic zircon stones on jewelleries. All stones are nailed into the jewellery one-by-one by hand. KURSHUNI jewelleries have a life-time warranty for stone fallouts.

KURSHUNI uses the highest quality strings that specially produced for KURSHUNI. KURSHUNI string products do not break off unless they are cut.

KURSHUNI Sterling Silver jewellery is produced by professionals and with perfect craftsmanship.