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KURSHUNI Warranty, Repair & Maintenance Polpicy

KURSHUNI Warranty, Repair & Maintenance Polpicy

KURSHUNI offers a fully legal guarantee which covers production and material defects for the original KURSHUNI silver jewellery purchased from KURSHUNI’s own stores (including the Online Store) and authorized KURSHUNI Sales Corners.

Each silver jewellery which is deemed to have an effect within the scope of this guaranteecan be subject to the following at the discretion of KURSHUNI or an authorized KURSHUNISales Corner.

 Depending on the degree of damage, possibility of repair and availability of spareparts, the silver jewellery under guarantee can be repaired.

 The silver jewellery can be replaced with a new one if there is availability.

 A shopping check for an amount equal to the prospective silver jewellery’s price can be given.


In the event that there are no special guarantee conditions for specific silver jewellery, the guarantee conditions accepted, which are listed below will be applied. KURSHUNI reserves the right to make changes or adaptations in these Guarantee Conditions at its own discretio at any time.

This guarantee will not affect your legal rights.

1. What does the warranty cover?

KURSHUNI guarantees that KURSHUNI branded silver jewellery purchased from an authorized KURSHUNI Sales Corner, including KURSHUNI Online Store at, will be of high quality and free of material and craftsmanship defects so long as they are used normally. Within the guarantee period specified in the answer to question 3, KURSHUNI will repair or replace all types of KURSHUNI branded silver jewellery if it is determined that the silver jewellery has material or production defects.

2. What does the warranty not cover?

The guarantee will not cover the damages which are deemed by KURSHUNI or an authorized KURSHUNI Sales Corner to arise from wear and tear due to normal use, unauthorized repair/replacement attempts and failure to follow the special KURSHUNI silver jewellery “Instruction for Use”. 

3. How long does the warranty last?

KURSHUNI branded silver jewellery will be under guarantee for 2 years from the date of purchase.

4. How is a guarantee claim submitted?

To utilize the guarantee, you can submit your claim via the following methods:

Bring the damaged product to the closest KURSHUNI store or authorized KURSHUNI Sales Corner in its original packaging and together with its invoice or replacement card and product certificate. For the addresses of authorized KURSHUNI Sales Corners, please refer to the “Find A Store” section at Contact KURSHUNI Customer Support department by sending an e-mail, which includes a photograph of the problematic silver jewellery and the reason for complaint/problem to the address [email protected] as a response to your e- mail, you will receive an e-mail, which contains information explaining how to send the product to the Repair and Maintenance Department of KURSHUNI. We recommend that you send the silver jewellery via certified or registered mail and have it insured over the retail sales price. KURSHUNI will not be responsible for any silver jewellery that is lost, damaged or stolen during shipping.

5. How will the process work after the Repair & Maintenance Department receives the jewellery?

The suitability for guarantee is determined after the silver jewellery is received and inspected. In the event that a material or production defect is identified on the silver jewellery, KURSHUNI Expert will decide on whether to replace it with a new silver jewellery of the same type or an equivalent silver jewellery or to repair it, depending on the possibility of repair. If it is found that the damage is not due to any material or product defects, Post-Sale Repair or Maintenance Services will be provided.


KURSHUNI offers its customers post-sale maintenance services. Depending on the frequency of use, we recommend that you get maintenance on your silver jewelry at least once a year. You can acquire information on maintenance costs from authorized sales points.


KURSHUNI offers its customers repair services when necessary. You can aquire information on repair costs from authorized sales corner. The shipping cost and all other costs related to shipping will be your (customer’s) responsibility.

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